Apply stroke to a textblock

find on

and use with


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ProgressBar with percent text

If you want a progress bar with text two colors you can use this

and style in generic.xaml

result for



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VisualBrushExtension for convert canvas to visual brush (and allow binding)

if you want to use a canvas for visualbrush
like this


you can use this code (define as markup)

this markup allow tu use binding too


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DoubleAnimation with Step

For having step working in double animation use

like this (for rotation)


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Adding font in wpf application

For using a font in resource


see :

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TextBlock with ellipsis at left or center

If you want a TextBlock with ellipsis a Left, Center or Right use this
you must use TrimmedText in place of Text for binding original text

and use like this

see result


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Border with real ClipToBound

When we use Border, the corner radius is not used for ClipToBound
see the solution with another border


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AddRange for ObservableCollection

An extension methode for addinf AddRange to ObservableCollection<T>


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UniformGrid with two orientations

for many applications we need to have an  uniform grid with

  • Orientation (horizontal or vertical)
  • VericalOriention (top or bottom) for positionning first element
  • and finaly can use  FlowDirection (LegftToRight or Right to left)

with this code

see somes samples pictures

you can test with this code

and xaml




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Control for menu Item collection

A simple CustomControl for using collection in MenuItem with another MenuItem

from article :

opriginal source code : MenuItems_Src


and style in generic.xaml

for using

with in MVVM


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